Mauviel M'steel Round Frying Pan, Steel Handle, 11"

Item #: 3651.28
Material: black steel (carbon steel), high density material, steel handle
Size: 11 in
Price: $70.00  



  • Black steel (carbon steel)
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • High density material, does not retain orders
  • Withstands high temps so allows longer preheating - killer searing - seals in nutrients and flavors
  • Black finish - part of final heat treatment in manufacturing process (changes color when heated and over time)
  • After seasoning it acquire natural non-stick properties
  • Safe at very high temperatures and metal utensils
  • Lighter than cast iron
  • Commercial grade durable product
  • Hand wash - with hot water immediately after use & then wipe immediately with paper towel, store in dry place
  • Made in France
  • Prior to first use or after intensive cleaning - take a paper towel & wipe the interior of the pan with any type of flavorless cooking oil & then heat the pan while empty. When the oil liquefies turn the heat off. Repeat the process a second time.