M'passion Copper Tinned Canele Mold, 2.2 in

M'passion Copper Tinned Canele Mold, 2.2 in

copper with tin lined interior
 2.1 in
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Mauviel Canele molds are the traditional 2.1 inch (height) size. Smaller, copper molds are available, but this is considered the appropriate sized mold for Caneles. Be sure to season the molds before the first use - coat interior with vegetable shortening (e.g. Crisco) and heat in oven at 350 for one hour; flip upside down and heat for five minutes to drain oil; leave molds in oven as it cools down. Then find a good recipe and create these wonderful, handheld desserts. Martha Stewart's "Baking", Paula Wolfert's "The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen" and Pascal Rigo's "American Boulangerie" all have recipes, each of which differs slightly from the others. It is worth noting that Martha Stewart's recipe for caneles in the book "Baking" is different than the Stewart recipe found online. Try using the "Look Inside" feature for the Stewart and Wolfert books on Amazon and run a search for "canele" to get a peek at the recipe.

The Mauviel Canele Mold can hold 3oz. of batter, but when making caneles they should be filled 3/4ths of the way.

Wash using water only so as to ensure the tin surface stays seasoned with oil (soap would remove it). Soak if necessary to remove hardened sugar crust from Canele batter. When the molds have been properly seasoned as noted above and are then oiled before each use with a mixture of beeswax and sunflower oil or just oil, the Canele should release, but if does not, gently go around the top edge and/or down the ridges with a toothpick or wooden kebab skewer to release any part of the crust that is sticking to the mold. Do not use metal since this will eventually scratch the thin coating of tin from the copper. If after much use the molds smell rancid, boil the molds and season them as done when new.

Seasoning - Coat the mold inside with pure beeswax - pour in/out quickly then baked at 400 for 10 minutes, then turned upside down. Then let rest until cool.

You can do this whole procedure 5 times in a row, a day before using.


Size: 2.1 in